Tilarán county seat


 Tilarán is the main access point to Arenal Lake (4km) Arenal Volcano (58km) and Monteverde (39km). It is a lovely town located in the northeastern point of Guanacaste close to the borderline with the Alajuela province on the Panamericana Highway. Tilarán has become quickly a main point for adventures over the Arenal Lake area. A colorful area 22 kilometers far from Cañas. Tilarán is also an important point for coffee cultivation, peanuts and macadamia nuts also for breeding cattle and horses.

A calm and special town for resting where locals are friendly and well known around.  A great place for relaxing and stay in your time visiting the Arenal area because of its nice weather and slow motion.

Tilarán´s weather is very nice because it is located 500 meters above the sea level and the temperature here is cool and nice. With blowing winds throughout the town from November to April; Tilarán is a great point for the practice of wind surfing worldwide at the Arenal Lake.

Traffic here is slow and streets and houses are always clean. Staying here is great for those who travel with a fixed budget and there is an endless list of activities, mostly knows as one of the undiscovered gems of the country. Tilarán is a great place to come alone or with company and enjoy of a nice and peaceful vacation. Downtown is where most hotels, restaurants and stay in are but here is located the biggest church of Guanacaste which is also Tilarán´s Cathedral.

Tilarán offers great views in the surroundings and big opportunities for bird watching specifically around the lake, plus, fishing and sailing professionally .For  adventurers who love biking through mountains and horseback riding it is also found here.

Hiking through nature is the best option for knowing the area, for instance you can visit the biggest tree in Costa Rica that is over 500 years old and you can also find aboriginal sculptures in our elderly hills that surround Tilarán.

Touristic companies are close by and you can also raft through Corobici´s white waters.

April has a nice time to stay in Tilarán for our civic festivals with rodeos and cattle exhibitions. In order to get to Tilarán you can drive from San José and it will take over three hours or you can make it by plane landing at Liberia´s International Airport and then a short drive through.

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